Did you know that October is Healthy Workplace Month in Canada? It’s a perfect opportunity to form healthier workday habits that will help you be more productive, feel less stressed, enjoy your work more and ultimately be happier while at work.

To help you on your journey towards improved workday health, we’ve created a week-long healthy workday challenge. From October 1-7, open the ParticipACTION app daily to see our suggested healthy habits to include in your workday.

Can’t wait until then? They’re also listed below:  

Day 1: Get 7-9 hours of ZZZs tonight

Sleep and physical activity go hand in hand. Well-rested people have more energy and feel more alert, making them more productive and at less risk of workplace injury.

Day 2: Break up sedentary time

Consider moving for three to four minutes every hour today to promote circulation and enhance thinking. It can be as simple as heading over to the kitchen to grab a drink or snack, going to the restroom or visiting a co-worker for a quick chat. To help you remember, schedule reminders on your computer or phone.

Day 3: Consider an active commute

Today, if possible, keep your car parked, and walk, wheel, roll or cycle to work instead, even if it’s just part of the way. If you’re working from home, instead of rolling out of bed and diving right into your work, try a “fake commute” by walking, wheeling, rolling or cycling around the block. You’ll be surprised by how much more physical activity you can get in!

Day 4: Go on a power walk, wheel or roll

On your way to or from work, during your lunch break or between meetings, add a little zip to your walk, wheel or roll to help you think more clearly!

Day 5: Get outside

Soak up some daylight for your mental health! Being physically active outdoors can boost your mood and decrease stress and anxiety.

Day 6: Stretch it out

Take some time to stretch your arms, torso, legs, neck and/or shoulders. This will keep your muscles limber to reduce workday stress-related injuries.

Day 7: List 3 things you’re grateful for

You don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving to show your gratitude– think of what you’re thankful for now, whether it’s your job, the roof over your head, your family, friends or co-workers. Those who take time to express gratitude report sleeping better, feeling more optimistic and being more active!

Original source:  7 healthy habits to improve your workday | ParticipACTION, 2023.